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 Ness's Character Analysis

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PostSubject: Ness's Character Analysis   Wed Feb 27, 2008 10:10 pm


Here is Smash Gamers first Character Analysis. I am going to teach you something about the Short Slayer* Called Ness. Ness is appearing in a Super Smash Brothers game for the third time. There are many ways to unlock Ness, the first one is to play 5 Brawl matches. The next way to unlock Ness is by deflecting 10 Projectiles. If you do either of those requirements, you must face off with Ness and defeat him to unlock him. The last way to unlock Ness is by getting him to join your party in the Subspace Emissary**. Now I will go on to Ness's Moves.

Ness's Moves
Standard Special: Pk Flash
Side Special: Pk Flash
Up Special: PK Thunder
Down Special: PSi magnet
Final Smash: PK Starstorm

Ness's Taunts
Up Taunt: Head Nod
Right/Left Taunt: Baseball bat lift lift in either direction.
Down Taunt: Finger Flare

Tips and Tricks on using Ness**
Note: These tricks may change when Brawl comes out
Tip 1: Some people when using Ness often thing he does not have a "special jump". This is indeed wrong. When you use PK Thunder, bring the "ball" down and hit Ness with it. This will give Ness a "Power Surge", and it does 20+ damage. Be careful when using this, a slight mishap may result in a lost live.

Final Thoughts: Ness, is a fantastic character when you get to know him. Most people will probably prefer to play as Lucas due to Lucas's easier control level. Ness's Pk thunder is much harder to control, but it can hit your opponent unlike Lucas's which travels through them. Ness, also has more power than Lucas has.

*Check the Smash Gamers Class list for information on this.
**More will come on this topic when Brawl is released.
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Ness's Character Analysis
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