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 Analysis Format

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PostSubject: Analysis Format   Sat Feb 02, 2008 5:36 pm

This is going to be the basic format for ALL SSBB Characters:

[Basic Character Icon]

In-Game Name: [In-Game Name]
Universe: [Universe In Which Character Is From, i.e. Kirby, Mario, Legend of Zelda, etc.]
Class: [Class list here!]
By: [The Name of Author of the Analysis]

[Overview of Character]

[Character]'s Special Moves

Standard Special Move: [Name of Standard Special Move]
-[Helpful Information and Tactics]
Side Special Move: [Name of Side Special Move]
-[Helpful Information and Tactics]
Up Special Move: [Name of Up Special Move]
-[Help Information and Tactics]
Down Special Move: [Name of Down Special Move]
-[Helpful Information and Tactics]

[Character]'s Taunts

Up Taunt
-[Description of Taunt]
Side Taunt
-[Description of Taunt]
Down Taunt
-[Description of Taunt]

Final Smash: [Name of Final Smash]
-[Complete Overview and Description of Final Smash]

Ways to Unlock Character
-[Ways to Unlock the Character, only if it is a secret one!]
Link: (Don't include this! This is just if you want to know the ways to unlock the character!)

-[Writer's Opinion of the Character]

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Analysis Format
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