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 Lucas Analysis

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PostSubject: Lucas Analysis   Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:46 pm

Lucas Character Analysis

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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Analysis   Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:00 pm

Lucas Character Analysis

In-Game Name: LUCAS
Universe: EarthBound (Mother)
Class: Short Slayer
By: Marth
Lucas, may not look to scary but his moves can pack a punch. He is one character you may learn to fear, if he is used properly. He uses PK moves that are similar to Ness, but some people favor Lucas. Lucas has some high-powered moves and he can bring the pain, PK style.

Lucas's Special Moves

Standard Special Move: PK Freeze
-PK Freeze is a guided projectile that increases in power the more it moves. It freezes your opponent and causes damage. It can gain many KO's when you use this move on a character who is trying to recover.
Side Special Move: PK Fire
-PK Fire is a move that both Lucas and Ness have. Unlike Ness's PK Fire Lucas's knocks the opponent backwards. This move does medium sized damage, but is a good way to keep your opponents away.
Up Special Move: PK Thunder
-An excellent recovery move when used correctly. It is a guided projectile that when moved to hit Lucas shoots him in the direction you hit him in. This move can also be used to do damage your opponents. Be careful when using this move, it is a good idea to practice shootoing Luas in training mode.
Down Special Move: PSI Magnet
-This is a move that creates a force field in front of Lucas's body. It will absorb all projectiles used by your enemy. A little known fact is that this move actually does damage. The damage comes when you release the button, it does little knockback (It can KO at high damage percentages) and when you absorb projectiles you gain health.

Lucas's Taunts

Up Taunt
-Lucas Trips, but quickly gets back up.
Side Taunt
-Lucas's finger begins shining sort of like his Down smash attack.
Down Taunt
-Lucas starts playing with his Snake.

Final Smash: Pk Starstorm
-Pk Starstorm may not be the best Final Smash, but it can do some damage. A Massive Meteor shower comes down harming all those that are in the meteors path. The Meteors some time bounce a player back and forth between them before the KO takes place.
-Lucas is one of my favorite characters. He has many Offensive weapons, and don't take his cowardness in the SSE as how he is, He can pack a punch. His PK Moves can damage you up, and his Up Smash is probably the best in the game. His Twig he uses with his Side smashes can reverse opponents moves, and does incredible knockback. Wavebouncing (an advanced technique) makes Pk fire and incredibley defensive move, and ticks your opponent off. Lucas is a character you may have to practice with before you get him right. The practice is worth it, Lucas is amazing.
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Lucas Analysis
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