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 About Brotherhood Clans (MUST READ!)

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PostSubject: About Brotherhood Clans (MUST READ!)   Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:02 am

The current clan administrator is: Islander Jon

Brotherhood Clans are sort of like teams in which a few members join a different clan. Each brotherhood will consist of three members. The creator of the clan must also think of a team name. For example, if someone thinks of the name "Fire," the clan will be called "Brotherhood Fire."

Each clan will receive their three members and they will be set and locked when they receive those THREE members. The creator has the decision to kick out a member and recruit a different one if that is neccessary. However, the clan administrator must first be notified beforehand.

Also, each brotherhood will have tournies that pit each clan against each other to test to see who's the strongest. The clan administrator will be in charge of such tournies.

Here are the Rules:

  • All members interested in starting brotherhood clans must notify the clan administrator by PM
  • The PM must include Clan Name and why you want to start the clan
  • All clans should have AT MAXIMUM three members on this forum
  • When the creator makes its brotherhood topic, the post must include Clan Name, Team Members, Win-Loss Record, Friend Code for each member (when the game comes out), and "other" stuff
  • When three members are on the team, the clan's roster is locked
  • If the creator wants to kick out a member, the creator must PM the clan administator with the Member's Name and why he/she wants to kick him/her out
  • After that one member is deleted, the creator's team roster is unlocked and has the freedom to recruit another member
  • Brotherhood Tournies will be organized by the clan administrator when the time comes
  • Creators may have their own private forum if their clan is running smoothly and effectively to discuss "team" things
  • Creators can delete their clan by notifying the clan administrator with their reason
  • Brotherhoods and their creators must be active

That is all and have fun creating/joining a brotherhood clan!

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About Brotherhood Clans (MUST READ!)
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